You always have to choose the right color for your website, it helps marketing your brand more efficiently. People want any site to be the pleasant and the most appealing visually. You must be wondering which colors should you use for your website and why.

Selecting a color for your website is a little tricky. Because you need to use the color that not only looks great on your website but also goes hand in hand with your respective brand. Color depends on the brand or products that you will be providing to your customers therefore, the color should reflect your brand or product.

There are three types of color schemes:


  1.   Warm Colors: Warm colors include brown color, orange color, red, and yellow color. Warm colors express warmness, action, dynamism, extroversion, and most importantly happiness. To be exaggerated, they also represent competitiveness and aggression. It is quite an attention gainer. Therefore, you can use warm colors to grab the attention of the users, visitors, or customers.
  2.   Cool Colors: Cool colors include blue, violet color, green, and purple color. Cool colors express serenity, quietness, detachment, and passivity. If you can use these colors in a correct way then it can act as wisdom for your website. A website that uses cool colors can deliver a positive impact on users and spread their positivity to everyone. You can say ‘peace of mind’.
  3.   Neutral Color: Neutral colors include black, white, and gray. Neutral colors express elegance, seriousness, modernity, and peacefulness. They provide stability, sophistication, and hope to your website. You can even use black, white, or gray colors with any cool colors or warm colors. However, keep in mind that it should be according to your brand. 



  1.   McDonald’s: McDonald uses a red and yellow color combination for their brand. As red expresses stimulation, hunger, appetite, and most probably it attracts people’s attention. However, yellow expresses a feeling of friendliness and happiness.Which Colors Should You Use for Your Website and Why? | Seo Logix


  2.   Dominos Pizza: Dominos uses blue, red, and white color combination for their brand. Blue color expresses clarity, calmness, and relaxation. Red color expresses hunger, appetite, and it also attracts people’s attention. Moreover, white color expresses simplicity, cleanliness, freshness, goodness, and purity.

I hope you must be enjoying this article, but hey, unfortunately, this needs to end. I hope you understood everything regarding color schemes for your website.