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What is Website Design?

Web Design is as similar as design that is the process of collecting ideas and implementing them, and aesthetically arranging them but with the intention of presenting the content on web pages which the users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.

Web Design has elements such as colour, contents, layout, graphics, fonts.

  1.    Colour: The colour of your website depends on some purpose or client’s request. It could be a black & white design or it could be a multi-coloured design. The colour of your website design conveys the personality of a person or a brand.
  2.   Content: Content of the website depends on the design of the website, they both can work together to strengthen the message of the site through texts and visuals. Written content should be pertinent and useful to give them what they want so they will remain on the site. It should be of a suitable length and can be optimized for the search engines also.
  3.    Layout: The layout of the web design is the most important part because it creates attention of the user. Layout arranges the text, ads, and the graphics of the website.
  4.    Graphics: Graphics include clip art, icons, logos and the photos which strengthen the website. It should be used appropriately while it should not be too slow or congested to load for the users.
  5.    Fonts: Fonts will be based on colour, content and the design of the website. It is mainly based on the design on the website. It also enhances the website.

There are types of websites which are as follows:

  1.  Bootstrap grid: Bootstrap grid is used to create mockups of a website. It makes the designing process easier and faster.
  2.  Adaptive Design: Adaptive design can auto-change the display style on the target device. It is suitable for any device, be it laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  3.  Responsive Design: Responsive design is as same as the Adaptive design but it automatically adapts to the users’ device by the size of their screen.

Making adaptable Web Design

There are some points which make the Website looks helpful besides the elements that make a site visually compelling and alluring.

  1.    Navigation
  2.    Multimedia
  3.    Compatibility
  4.    Technology
  5.    Interactive.


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