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What is viral marketing?

We hear every day that some videos have been viral and the people are getting famous from all this. Many people got fame because of these viral videos. However, have ever wonder that is it really a viral? or something else like is it a viral marketing, viral campaigning, or just luck of that person?

Well, not every viral content or viral video is just random, some have viral strategies behind it. It is depending upon your luck but your preparation and your creativity are also an important part of getting viral.

Viral marketing is marketing where your content, videos, and messages spread like a virus among the crowd of people and from person to person. As you can find viral content, mainly on social media sites because it is the number one source of viral marketing.

There Are Some Principles of Viral Marketing That You Should Follow:

  • Audience Participation
  • Just Right Planning
  • Like-ability
  • Humor
  • Worthy of Press
  • Importance
  • Valuable Cause
  • Low Fence to Entry
  • Exclusive.

Tips for Viral Marketing:

You Need To Target Right Channel And Audience:

If you want your content to go viral then it is very important to find out the right channel where people are spending most of their time and according to your content, you need to target the right audience who will help viral your content.

Use Video Content:

As you are watching that one or two videos are getting viral each day, so you understand, video content goes viral too fast than any other format. Video content helps you engage your users because video takes a lot of creativity and if the people like it, then they will share it with their friends as well.

Use Emotional Appeal:

You can see some ads that have used emotional appeal and people get too emotional while watching and they watch it every time it appears on television. Therefore, the same thing you need to do while creating a video and using an emotional appeal. Make such videos that will inspire people, encourage them in some terms, or even resonate them with their own lifestyle. If people find one of those qualities in your content, then they are more likely to share your content with their friends and families.

Advantages of Viral Marketing:

  • Low Cost
  • Great Reach
  • Build Up Your Brand.


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