Top Social media sites


Top Social media sites

Social media sites are famous in every youngster, elder, and children. There are so many top social media sites to have your account on.

Not all social media sites are indeed created equal. However, whenever we heard the name social media, the very first social media platform that comes in our mind is ‘Facebook’. You should have at least a presence on each of the social media platforms you have an account on.  

Here are some of the top social media sites:


Mark Zuckerberg with his 3 or 4 friends founded Facebook in 2004. Facebook’s headquarter is in Menlo Park, CA. Although it’s monthly active users are 2.38 billion. There are many businesses on Facebook. At first, Facebook was only for people to connect who are living far from them, but now many executives take over Facebook for their business purposes. They do marketing on it and even advertising.



Instagram launched in 2010. It’s headquarter is in Menlo Park, CA as Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram from its original owner. Instagram has a monthly 1 billion active users. It has eye-catching visuals and much inspiring creativity. Businesses run on Instagram also. It is mainly based on product business, influencers, and coaches.



Twitter was founded in 2006 after 2 years of Facebook. Its headquarter is in San Francisco, CA. Besides, it has a monthly 321 million active users. Twitter is somewhat fast and furious for businesses. It is quite simple if you have a business that is related to sports, entertainment, politics, or marketing… then you can earn incredible engagements.



LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and it’s headquarter is in Mount View, CA. It has 303 million monthly active users. LinkedIn is mostly in use for professionals. Like, people who want a job.



Snapchat was founded in 2011 and it’s headquarter is in Los Angeles, CA. It has 330+ million monthly active users. A person who uses Snapchat is mostly young people. 


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