Smart Conversion is Now Possible WithMovavi for You

Smart Conversion is Now Possible WithMovavi for You

There are plenty of movie formats – so many that it can sometimes be confusing. If you play video with your camera or phone, it might be 3gp or mp4, downloading from the net, you may receive to convert QuickTime to MP4 and if you have any program that allows you to save streaming video, the format is probably MP4.

Playing these in your computer is usually no problem, at least not if you have a good code package installed, but some movies can be difficult even in Windows. In a phone or flat it may be impossible – and yet it may be that you usually want to watch movies.

The solution is called conversion. Movavi Video Converter freeware can be downloaded from and then lets you convert from a variety of formats to a variety of others. Note that if you do not want the Delta toolbar as a disturbing “bonus” you must choose custom installation!

Here you will learn how to convert QuickTime to MP4, a format that all mobile devices can handle.

Select movie

Once you have installed and started Movaviyou will see a large window. There are several ways to choose which movie you want to convert, but the easiest way is to just grab it in Explorer and drop it into the application’s window.

Choose format

If you want to perform simple editing of the movie before conversion, you can click the button with the scissors. Otherwise, you will find a large number of formats to convert to the bottom edge.

Select location

Now you can decide where the converted file should be saved. If you want to change resolution, frame rate, sound or anything else, you can click the gear button. Otherwise, click the Convert button at the bottom of the window.


The amount of time the conversion takes depends on how big and complicated your movie is. When done, close all windows and copy the new video file to the device you want to watch.

This online QuickTime to MP4converter converts in high speed. It allows 330 combinations of input and output file formats. And even it guarantees file security and privacy.

Does not find any converter that worked so far and will soon be crazy about all install and uninstallation.Cannot afford to buy anything nor is it looking for a free version.

AVS4YOU has a watermark that stays on all the time, and Movavi does not work because for some reason, moviemakers complain that there is no codec for the files.The file formats that Windows movie creators handle are: asf, avi, m1v, mp2, mp2v, mpe, mpeg, mpg, mpv2, wm and wmv.So it does not necessarily have to be avi but thinks it may be the most common.

If nobody can tell me something, maybe someone kind of mind would like to receive my files via mail and convert them to me?

All files together are 144 mb and there are 4 files. I will try to split them so I only have the essential parts left. Do not think I can send more than 25 mb at a time with my mail.

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