What is search engine advertising?



Search engine advertising (SEA ) is a type of paid advertising that allows you to market your product or services directly on the search result of popular search engines like google bing and yahoo.

When someone searches something on google then ads will show on search result pages for specific targeted keywords now advertisers have to pay fees every time whenever their ad will be clicked.

What are search engine ads?

If you recognize on google, yahoo and bing search engine ads can seem on top of below and next to the organic search result.




Display URL: If you notice underneath the main title your URL is showing did you notice color if you then you will find it shows always in green color and sam about bing and yahoo.

How does the search engine advertising work?



Do you know about how the auction works? Some systems applied to search engine advertising you can simply describe search engine advertising systems too.
You have to bid on keywords, It could be 50 dollars or it could be a $100 bid.. If you bid on a particular keyword for $100 it doesn’t mean that you will charge only 100 dollars.


As we mentioned above, competitive CPC bids and highly targeted keywords are important but you should not forget about your quality score because it plays a significant role in your search engine result page ranking.


If you want to check your quality score you can choose many SEM platforms. The quality score indicated you about how well your ads reached your target audience.

Who should use search engine advertising?



Your product and services and your budget should be the biggest factors in your SEA campaign. Besides this, you must get to target the audience as per your niche only. Specific audience as per your niche will bring the most converts in SEA. SEA totally depends on the bidding of the keywords. Sometimes bids may be low and sometimes it is so expensive. Hence, small businesses should mindful twice before starting to promote SEA. They will only do it when they are able to generate profits.

Goals of a SEA campaign


Search engine advertising is inbound digital marketing in which potential customers search and come to buy products or services. In this way SEA advertising to the answers of every query rather than bombard unwanted information to the users. In SEA chances of failure are low as compared to others’ marketing. Because in SEA users search for the same and we advertise to users as an answer


Below are some goals for SEA


  • Increase Traffic: The core objective is to generate traffic directly from the website.
  • Promoting brand awareness: Search engine optimization increases the chance of our brand awareness in front of the peoples who are actively looking for the same product. Select your correct keywords for your target audience.
  • Generate conversions: Search engines will pay off you by increasing your sales and service or gaining potential customers.

Is search engine advertising worth it?



Those who are considering a search engine advertising campaign is an advice to consider on your SEO strategy first you should know about how much traffic you are able to generate organically and do you able to get all your goals from SEO. There are more internet users who favor organic searches according to research only 10 -20 % of users click on paid search results.


Many businesses consider SEA as an additional aspect of marketing. With the help of a search engine, advertising is particularly easy to target the relevant keywords for your searches. If you have something in the offer or want to reach more no. of peoples than it would be the best temporary option


For example, you have an online watch store so you should use the commercial keywords like “Buy watches” or “order watches online” in your marketing campaign