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How to Make a Crypto Cashback App Like StormX

Due to the intense rivalry between numerous brands and retail establishments, each business aims to build client loyalty by offering useful and aesthetically beautiful items. The idea of cash-back is one of these tactics, and it’s well-liked in nations where people often use credit cards for bigger expenditures.

Everything is going toward paperless transactions, including investments and money transfers. This finding highlights the transition of the world economy to a digital ecology. The most recent development in the field of digital payments is cryptocurrency.

The amount of each customer’s transaction is reimbursed in several ways. The Crypto StormX (STMX) initiative aims to open up the realm of cryptocurrency trading to the retail sector.

About StormX 

The StormX Token (STMX) is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. The whole 10 billion units of this currency are now in circulation. At this time, the STMX Token is valued $291 million. The position of this coin among all usable cryptocurrencies is 183. The highest price for this currency was $0.24 in the first few months of 2018. This currency sold for $0.0005 per unit on March 13, 2020.

In exchange for providing services and making money, users of the online platform built by the Digital Currency Project will get discounts from various companies. This platform enables users to benefit from discounts by making online purchases from participating merchants, which may be recovered cryptographically, following the network’s performance model.

Customers benefit, and the StormX project also benefits as it is rewarded for offering these services and making money. The worldwide Storm market has adopted a dual-platform strategy.

Cryptocurrency acceptance is widespread among StormX platform service providers right now, and it will continue to grow in the future.

What is a StormX Clone?

The StormX Clone offers pre-built options for getting a bitcoin cashback app up and running. You may create a profitable bitcoin rewards network with the aid of the tools and business plan that are provided. Before creating software that functions like StormX, it is essential to comprehend the principles.

Clone Development for StormX

Users must first download and install the Chrome extension or app to utilize the Storm network. Customers who use this app may start receiving cryptographic rewards whenever they purchase from a seller on the global storm market. These benefits might vary from 0.5 percent to 85 percent, depending on the consumption volume and the kind of merchant. On this platform, users may make money while still using StormX tokens.

Must-Have Features for a StormX Clone

Consider some of How to Develop StormX Clone‘s key characteristics before learning them:


The shop portion of the service is the project’s most important component. This campaign will attract new customers for established businesses. Under their agreement with this initiative, each firm will get a share of every customer’s purchase. If the StormX plugin or app is enabled at the moment of purchase, the user will get a purchase point. Globally, the corporation operates around 1,000 retail outlets. The company’s roster of contractual partners includes well-known individuals.

tokens STMX

Investment of a Group Store Link your wallet’s STMX tokens to STMX tokens to get bonus points. Six stages allow for the acquisition of STMX tokens. With these incentive levels, you’ll win more rewards and recover your investment more quickly since the reward coefficient for each tier increases.

Game area

The project’s first stage was the Play area. By completing the tasks listed by the contracted collections, users in this area earn points that may be used to create passwords. In several places throughout the globe, this section has been deleted. This is because we can’t provide an enjoyable and user-friendly experience and need sponsors.


In this section, staking singular-value cash registers might be considered a decentralized escrow. By linking wallets and obtaining a reward from the same token, StormX tokens (STMX) may be placed in this area. Currently, this company makes a 10% yearly profit.

Card of Cash 

Storm X has recently launched a new service. By enrolling on the website, users in the US may apply for the company’s cash cards. These cardholders may have STMX tokens transferred into their accounts when they make in-person purchases from contract companies. When you make a purchase, your bitcoin is instantly converted to fiat currency and deposited into your business account. This card may also be used to withdraw Fiat money from ATMs, with a $500 daily withdrawal limit. This card provides several benefits since it works with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Why Should You Offer the Platform for StormX Clone?

The number of individuals who possess a mobile phone is increasing quickly. Even though there are many reasons to use them, from everyday shopping to making a purchase, their significance cannot be overstated. The whole globe, as well as our economy, has gone digital.

Creating a mobile application is the most efficient approach to drawing clients and joining the cryptocurrency-based sector. Due to an increase in downloads and mobile users, businesspeople like you are hopping on the crypto cashback bandwagon.

Nearly everyone now has a smartphone, which signifies rapid acceptance.

Most of our economy is automated, and the rest of the world is doing the same.

A mobile app must be created to attract clients and penetrate the retail sector for cryptocurrencies. Due to increased mobile downloads and customers, businesspeople like you are hopping on the crypto cashback bandwagon.


By fusing blockchain technology with a data-backward response, such as a backend, StormX hopes to transform the industry. Businesses may persuade consumers to make larger purchases by reducing their advertising costs. Customers who make purchases at a business may get special benefits and prizes in exchange for their loyalty. Through the development of a cutting-edge method for aggregating transactions and lowering network transaction costs, StormX was able to satisfy the demands and expectations of its consumers for micropayments.

Due to long-term cooperation with the world’s most recognized Blockchain Development Company, StormX, a cryptocurrency cashback platform, may be established rapidly. Using our platform, which has many features and capabilities, you may earn money and participate in the digital economy. You could just develop the business of the future generation.


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