Steps to get your YouTube channel verified

In order to get verified, you must need to meet the YouTube eligibility requirement: your channel must have at least 100000 subscribers. If you reach that criteria, then you can try to do the following steps:


Go to the Google support page

Click on the URL: or simply copy and paste it into your browser and hit enter.




Click on the ‘Contact Flow’ options

You will find the link under the section of the ‘Eligibility’. There will be a light bulb next to it, and the text is highlighted in the gray color.

How to get your YouTube channel verified in 2020? | Seo Logix


Choose the ‘Email Support’

The ‘Contact flow’ link will lead you to a page where you can ‘mail support’. Click on that then you will be ask to fill out a form.

YouTube makes it easy by including a specific question that even asks ‘‘Is this a request for a verification badge?”, you have to click yes.


Submit the form

YouTube shall reply within the 24 hours informing you that if you have been verified or not. If they decide to verify you, the check mark symbol should appear in some of the few days.