Good as new! How to refresh old content

Good as new! How to refresh old content seologix

Good as new! How to refresh old content

Most bloggers concentrate completely on moving forward, pouring a few hours of fresh material each week. They make a significant marketing blast for each article when it goes out, and soon forget that it exists. They are not thinking about how to revive old blog content with fresh marketing campaigns. Today I will tell you, good as new! How to refresh old content.

Here are some tips on how to refresh old content:

 Always include new keywords:

A lot of material is under-performing in the search mainly because it is optimized for incorrect keywords. It focuses on sentences that have a very little amount of search or, is not what most clients would use to locate data. Therefore, your starting point for updating content should be a thorough check if your content is not optimized for any of these keywords.

Optimize your Semantic Search content:

Google and other search engines are getting better at deciphering both the context and the search purpose to serve the appropriate outcomes. This implies that they can evaluate the search sentence to find out: precisely what the search engine is looking for, and the significance behind the sentence. It also implies that your content has an opportunity to rank for more keywords, including synonyms and other search sentence variants. To update content on the semantic search you need to, a) create a context that includes companion words, b) use variations and synonyms of the search phrase; c) write using your audience’s natural language.

Improve internal linking:

Interlinking is a way to link different content parts on your site to the rank of the page between them. The amount and quality of the internal links pointing to the page may indicate the significance of the page within the framework of the site and thus have a positive impact on its rankings.


It is true; most of your traffic is for a couple of websites. That does not mean, however, that any other content you have is worthless. By refreshing those websites, you can breathe fresh life into them and boost traffic to your site.


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