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Social Media Marketing is taking roots in marketing. And it’s proving day by day that it is a useful and stronger marketing strategy than any other. But when we talk about social media marketing, we only get two social networking sites in our mind and i.e. Facebook & Instagram.


If you have a new business or if you want to start a new social media marketing campaign for your business, so they either launch it on Facebook or Instagram or sometimes both.


Facebook is the biggest platform since its launch in 2014. It was launched to connect people with their friends and family members, although it started to help companies in their business and reach their customers through social media marketing.


Instagram was launch in 2010 and immediately gain infinite popularity among the youngster. It was created as a visual storytelling for everyone that includes brands, artists, teens, and celebrities. After seeing it growing rapidly and gaining success, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012.  Instagram and Facebook both are great platforms for your business.

I Am Going Tell You The Difference Between These Two Social Media i.e. Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook vs Instagram for business


Engagement of Brand.



There over 60 million business pages on Facebook. It has many users but only 32% of the users engage with the brand on a regular basis by leaving comments, sharing content, and even asking questions. Facebook doesn’t have good brand engagement.



There over 25 million business pages on Instagram. Almost 80% of the users follow the Instagram business page but only 68% of the users engage with the brand regularly. Higher than Facebook though.


Agree, Facebook has lower brand engagement and Instagram has higher brand engagement but Facebook has 8 million video views daily. While, on the other hand, Instagram is best with images. So, you can use both like you can use video ads on Facebook and photo ads on Instagram.


Audience Targeting.



Facebook is not good in engagement but then too it attracts million of an audience because of its popularity. The most active users on Facebook are between the age groups of 25 to 34 years old. And mostly Facebook is used by men users. Probably you can target men on Facebook but you can also target both.



Instagram is small than the Facebook therefore, it has a smaller audience. Both men and women use Instagram but not in equal ratio. 72% users between the age of 13-17 years old use Instagram & 64% of 18-29 years old use Instagram. If you want to target the women then you should go with Instagram.


Mobile Users.



Facebook is mobile-friendly and for desktop both. You can use Facebook on your mobile, laptop, PC, or tablet also. You can find the only difference in overall design and layouts. Of course, the Smartphone has a smaller screen than the laptops. Otherwise, you can do everything on your mobile as well as on your laptop.



Instagram is more mobile-friendly because it lacks the computer experience. You cannot upload photos or videos via desktop; you cannot see the story of Instagram from your desktop, or you cannot even edit the existing post. Annoying right? But you can utilize it on your mobile fully.


So, If you want to launch a social media campaign on Facebook, you can use both concerns mobile-friendly or even desktop. However, if you want to launch a social media campaign on Instagram, you have to post mobile-friendly content only.

You decide, Facebook Vs Instagram for Business which is better.

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