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Email Marketing 2019

Brands focus on sending emails more relevant and keeping customer travel as the focus of their email marketing strategy. The email marketer and the CRM team, therefore, require considerable effort and insight.

Here are some trends of email marketing for 2019:

Artificial Intelligence:

The number of customer data is increasing every day, making it harder than ever to manually explore data. In just two years, the average number of data sources is projected to rise from 10 in 2017 to 15 in 2019. While marketers have more customer information than ever, many struggles to understand everything. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables trends and correlations to be identified easier.

Interactive activity:

Two years a successively and with good cause interactivity was a top design trend for email marketers: it reduces friction by allowing subscribers to engage in added content without leaving their box. The most interactive method for using interactive elements is by asking for customers feedback in many styles, like forms, reviews, carousels, and hot spots. How frustrating is it if you only open a browser by clicking on a star rating e-mail? The Home Repository allows subscribers without clicking to complete a product review. The subscriber can select a star rating and immediately enter his replies in the inbox.

Social Media Design Cues:

Make your email and take what is successful from social media. For example, Instagram allows users to like, comment, or buy. The app does not move the user in a wide variety of ways. The focus on user actions remains good content. In addition, the picture is based on their interests because the user chooses to track the feed of the brand. How can you use the energy of social media to create your email?

  • Maintain it visually
  • Maintain focus on a number of measures
  • Customize and maintain contents

In general, make sure your design and voice are consistent across media. The same visual language should be used for your social pages, websites, and e-mail.

Personalization and Automation:

Automation and customization work with one another. Automatic email campaigns are established once and then sent when the behaviour of a subscriber is triggered. Look for an abandoned cart or a discarded navigation campaign, for example, both automatic and personalized according to a customer’s behaviour. When the checkout flow isn’t complete, the customer receives an abandoned cart email. The email contains the product from which the customer has gone and an opportunity to complete the checkout process. Automation allows email marketers to create an individual experience for every customer when they leverage data from the right systems. Personalized communication increases commitment, the satisfaction of customers and retention. The customization of 1-to-1 transforms the brand-subscriber relationship by ensuring that emails are not like spam.


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