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What are social media marketing do’s and don’ts?

Social media is an unbelievably powerful business marketing tool. It not only builds credibility and reputation, but it also enables companies to interact with customers and customers directly. This highly visible platform can create Intimate and Instant Links, but your social media marketing can do more damage than good with poor planning. You must know how to use these networks and how to make the most of them, before you enter your company. There are Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of Social Media Marketing:


Understand Your Audience:

Just as your own company must know, knowing who you are targeting is equally important. For a living, what do they do? When do you spend online time? A knowledgeable social media specialist can help you gain information about demographics, but it will be useful to know when and what you post your target population in a basic way. Remember that they will be looking for you in social media regardless of who your audience is.

Have A Plan:

Many companies operate without a planning or social strategy for their social media activities. If you expect results to be obtained, it helps you to set objectives that will be analyzed along the path to see if your return is achieved. It is probably worth working with an expert if you’re not an experienced social media strategist or a staff person. With a resource that is completely immersed in platforms on your side, you will be able to measure and achieve your objectives.

Post Regularly:

Companies often wonder how frequently they should post on social media, and while it can be a bit subjective, consistency is important. You want to post enough often, but not so often that you’re irritated or repeated with consumers. According to many studies, companies on the top five platforms are in the appropriate frequency.

  • Facebook: Only once daily on weekdays one to two times daily. Twitter: 3 to 5 times a day
  • Instagram: 7 posts a week.
  • Linkedin: Every day (20 a weekday per month).
  • Pinterest: Three times daily.


Do not begin posting unless you’re aware of who you are:

Brands, like people, are living entities with personalities and relationships. In the lives of people, they have true meaning. It is critical to develop and understand your brand identity and voice on a social media platform before your company heads into social networks. No one knows your product, service or business better than you, so think about it and plan how to communicate your product best.

Do not use all social networks:

There is an ever-greater number of social media networks. There are many other Websites that promise connection building, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Try to be on each of these websites and you will most likely fail. Try to be there on all of these sites, and probably you will fail. Most companies simply don’t have enough time or energy to manage the content on each platform effectively. Choose 4 to 5 networks, then put each network on its best foot.

Don’t always promote yourself:

Although you should not completely exclude self-promotion, businesses with informative social media pages usually echo best with consumers. Your audience knows how to listen, learn and engage here. In order to involve users, you need to say or share something.

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