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5 reasons your website traffic is declining seologix

5 reasons your website traffic is declining

5 reasons your website traffic is declining For every business, website traffic is significant; the more visitors you have the more chances you have to make your brand recognized, make relations and in the end sell your product or service. Well, we have 5 reasons your website traffic is declining.  There are many probable reasons...

Google ads seologix

How to create Google ads campaign?

How to create Google ads campaign? Google Ads is one of the most highly developed advertising platforms that allow all the small and big businesses to have their products and services advertised in front of their would-be customers, in a matter of hours. Create A Campaign: A campaign is a set of related groups of...

What is a call to Action?

What is a call to Action?

People have talked a lot about a call-to-action on their blogs. There must be talks like How to design call-to-action, How to get people to click on them, and How to make them smart. So that people can take their actions through your website. What Is A Call-To-Action? The abbreviation of call-to-action (CTA) is usually...

grow your real estate seologix

Grow your Real Estate Sale

Internet-based life has become an important part of a company nowadays, and an ever-increasing amount of organizations take social media to create and construct their company. Digital marketing strategies and techniques need to be known to every real estate marketing agent. So as to effectively sell the real estate. Land organizations in India misuse sophisticated...

everything about google algorithm seo logix

Everything about Google Algorithm

Everything about Google Algorithm What is the Google Algorithm? To understand the Google algorithm, you must know the meaning and definition of an algorithm first. What is an algorithm? The definition of an algorithm is that it is a set of a number of rules in finite steps to solving problems. Computers have their own...

Benefits of paid search results - Seologix

Benefits of Paid Search Results.

There are always two ways to increase your website’s ranking or visibility on the search engine like Google, first is organic search and second is paid search. Both are used by various people. Some use organic, some use paid. Both are beneficial in some or other ways but organic is not expensive and paid search...

why sem is important seologix

Why SEM is important ?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is important In an increasingly competitive marketplace, SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. With millions of companies all fighting for the same, online advertising has never been more important. The most effective way to promote your products and grow your business is by  search...