5 reasons your website traffic is declining

5 reasons your website traffic is declining seologix

5 reasons your website traffic is declining

For every business, website traffic is significant; the more visitors you have the more chances you have to make your brand recognized, make relations and in the end sell your product or service. Well, we have 5 reasons your website traffic is declining.

 There are many probable reasons why traffic to your website has been declining. Whether it is a recent website change, a technical issue, a Google algorithm update or poor optimization.

Here are 5 reasons your website traffic is declining:

The tracking code:

A change and issues with the site tracking code are one of the overlooked causes of traffic decline. Website code changes and analytics plug-ins can cause issues with the tracking code and then cause inconsistency in reports of analytics. Therefore, check twice your tracking code before spending time troubleshooting.

Recent changes in website:

Always check for recent changes. Changes in design impact load times and search engines do not see it. However, try Google Analytics to check if all the traffic sources are decreasing or just the specific ones.

Overload server:

When web servers become overloaded then it should be the first thing, which is looked when a website traffic decline. Optimize your website and be ready for high traffic to avoid any downtime.

Information about Meta:

From Meta information, Google pulls information about the keyword from your website to rank you high. It happens a lot when someone accidentally removes his or her Meta information, so check it first. But if your meta set-up is complete, then view Google Analytics. To check whether it came from paid, organic, social.

Structure of Domain, NS or DNS:

Also, check whether it has any changes to the domain, NS (Name Server), or DNS (Domain Name Server) structure have been changed that could have caused this.


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