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What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a type of marketing through content. The main focus of content marketing is to create and distribute Best relevant content to attract or retain a specific audience.

Content marketing includes website posts, magazines, articles, ebooks and webinars to answer specific questions to the audience.


As time passes content marketing changes from time to time. You can’t use the same content marketing strategy which you were using before a year ago. Content marketing proportional to their audience behavior. People are always changing and the need of your audience to always evolve hence, you need to go with a flow. – Change your content as per your audience’s needs.


You can checkout below 5 content marketing trends you need to know in 2020 – 


1.Video and Live Streaming


content marketing


Video and Live Streaming marketing help to deliver the message in a shorter amount of time with the help of visual and auditory storyline messages. Video and live streaming marketing are currently huge and this all credit goes to youtube, Facebook and TikTok  — and it will definitely grow in future.

According to statistics, it’s found that –


  1. One-third of Internet users watch Youtube
  2. 95% of Viewers retain when they watch a video or Live stream as compared to another 10 % who read it in Texts.
  3. Engagement will increase when you use Video or Live streaming in your content.

According to Hubspot, 54 % of Viewers want to see the video content of their supporting brand. So, If you have a Brand or business then its necessary for you to make video content to grow your business.


2. Optimizing content for voice search


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When you search on Google on Google with your voice with the help of Alexa or Google assistant that we say Voice Search. Voice search is the future web search. 50% of all web searches will be Voice search by the end of 2020. Voice search is quite different from normal web searches. Like if you are doing a normal search for Whether in Mumbai you would Type whether Mumbai in search bar That’s It. 

But, If you are doing a search on Digital assistance than you would say  “What is the Weather in MumbaiToday?”

Because of this, You need to optimize your content in Voice Search, content writers should think as per the conversational manner the user would like to say for Digital assistance in Long Tail Keywords. 


3. AR-powered visuals

content marketing


User Love AR- Powered visuals. AR Powered visual means Augmented reality visuals offered by many platforms like Snapchat. In this, you can give yourself visuals like puppy Dog nose, Tongue and big ears or place a king crown on your head — all via augmented reality. And there are Tons of visuals available on which you can play around to make fun-loving visual content.


4. Conversational marketing



content marketing


Conversational marketing involves Automated conversation with your website visitors. Conversation marketing enhances the experience of one on one conversation with visitors in real-time.

More Businesses now understand if they want to get customers in sales funnel they need to do conversation marketing. This not only gets the users Trust but also you will clearly understand what your buyers want and this will surely help you in the future.

There are many types of conversation marketing techniques you can use including Live customer support, email marketing, Messenger Facebook, chat on Whatsapp and Chat Box.

Business more likely prefers chat-box for real-time one on one conversation with visitors.

Now, If you want to be in competition and to know your target audience faster than you should use conversation marketing.


5. Dynamic content delivery.


Dynamic Content is also called adaptive content, refers to web-content that changes as per the user’s interest and needs. To understand Dynamic content better Let’s,  see some examples, you can see two different images below.


Content marketing

Image source.

The content on their webpage is changed because of user interest as per the different user locations.

In normal Personalised content, you are able to deliver relevant and Interesting content for users. But, in Dynamic content, you are providing exact content at the right time which encourages users to take one step ahead.


Now that you’re aware of Important content marketing strategies for 2020 so you should write a plan and try the same strategies for your content marketing and know which strategy suits your business.

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