4 ways to increase email open rates

4 ways to increase email open rates seologix

4 ways to increase email open rates

Email marketing allows you to reach maximum customers or potential customers and that is why it works. Nevertheless, once you get to the inbox, how do you make sure your messages are genuinely opened? We hear this question a lot. Even if your company already has a great open rate, you likely wonder what you can do to nudge them in the correct direction once your figures begin flattening out. Well, I have 4 ways to increase email open rates.

Here are your 4 ways to increase email open rates:

1.    Invest in the subject line of your email:

Everybody knows and everyone has learned it in his or her school time that subject line is so important for any mail. The subject line draws people in and gets them interested in whatever you have to offer them. You can also use ‘question’ in your subject line because it makes a personal connection with your customers. You can even use ‘command’ in your subject line because sometimes it is okay to be direct with your customers and get them to take action.

2.    Fix “from name” in your email:

When you send an email to people, they recognize you by your name which is written in ‘from name section’. A person has the right to know from whom they are getting emails or they will just report or spam you. Therefore, always use similar from name or from email address to your business name or your company name.

3.    Best time to send an email:

Generally, people rarely check their email inbox because they don’t take an interest. And there are most of the particular times they open and read any emails. Therefore, send one email in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening and see which time is getting the highest opening rates. Try this few weeks and you will definitely get to know.

4.    Know your audience:

You may know your audience or customer a very little but you should know them and even understand them. Here are 2 to 3 ideas, which can help you know your audience. First, start a survey like at least ask 3 questions to find out what topics they are interested in learning more. Second, ask one quick question and ask them to take quick. Third and last, every day you interact with clients. Get used to writing down client questions/feedback so you can refer back to it when you are stuck for email concepts.

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