We all always rely on precise seo tools to do our jobs as SEO professionals. We fall toward the tools that save us all the time and provide us the best insights. This merge of tools in our pile includes those we have relied on for a long time, as well as for those that we are testing out or that have come out recently. With the number of tools available and the rising costs of many of the leading platforms, we have to insist more than ever out of the technology we use. I am going to tell you about the 3 things SEO tools can’t tell you.

Here are 3 things SEO tools can’t tell you:

  • SEO can’t tell you what should be your objectives
    A lot of instruments assist us to carry out research on the front-end of SEO commitments. Whether it is keyword research, competition research, or auditing instruments to comprehend the current status of technical problems on the website, we rely on technology. The sometimes-broad variety in the information supplied by separate keyword research instruments alone should offer us an indication. The Google Keyword Planner is a paid search instrument and all other keyword research instruments rely on third-party information from the Keyword Planner.
  • SEO can’t tell you how many leads and sales you will get
    While doing research and providing information in the proposal and discovery process, often remind and inform customers that the deeper you go, the more it can be. If you are using keywords research tools, then using benchmark information for project impressions, traffic, and conversions. We need to justify our actions, but the more we take information from distinct sources to attempt to forecast how our efforts will pay off. This might sound like a classic SEO dodge.
  • SEO can’t tell you what future beholds
    The tools we have now are based on search algorithms that we have now. Data is often linked to the previous 90 days or a year. All of this is looking at the current or latest past in order to draw trends and conclusions. The ranking variables are changing. Machine learning is already part of the Google algorithm. Competitors in most sectors are continuously delivering their own SEO, content updates, website launches, and
    moving targets. The biggest constant in SEO is changing, and the technology we use either reacts or adapts.

The Bottom Line

There is more to it, but I presumed these 3 things to be the important points. There more such as, SEO can’t be guaranteed or promised performance, SEO can’t tell you the business cases, SEO can’t tell you, what your content strategy should be, and last but not the least, SEO can’t tell you, how to focus & pace your work.